east hollywood dentist

We are a family owned business. We have been working together for 20 years and would love you to be part of our family. We understand that the idea of "going to the dentist" sometimes is not the most exciting moment in your agenda. That is why we really care to create a very welcoming environment at our office.

Dr. Gloria, my wife, has as a personal commitment to achieve this goal by combining the highest level of patient care with our compassionate and clear communication style. In this global world we are living today, being a bi-lingual office is an exciting challenge for a dental office and we take it seriously by finding out about your personal choices in communication.

Si, realmente hablamos español y usted es bienvenido!
(Click aqui para ver esta informacion en español).

You are more than welcome to enjoy our coffee/tea bar and a soft massage in your back while you are here with us. And please feel free to let us know if you want a cozy blanket, a hand warmer, or free wifi.

When you leave our office you will know for sure:

  • That everything you needed has been taken care of.
  • That we care about getting it right!