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Background and Credentials

Hello, I am Gonzalo Corzo, your Holistic Dentist in Los Angeles.

In my practice, everything revolves around you, your whole person, not only around your teeth. Making beautiful smiles is my business and I firmly believe that a beautiful smile should be the natural outcome of an overall healthy person, not the product of applying techniques and materials that are not always the most beneficial for your whole well being. Now, let me explain this to you. There are many procedures that I will take care of when working with you.

First of all, I will never put in your mouth something with metals like mercury or other materials that are known to be toxic for you. When removing metallic fillings you might have, I will do it in the safest possible way, meaning, that I will not let toxic vapors produce that might go into your lungs. I will not permit that tiny pieces of them get swallowed by you. That is something that is overlooked sometimes. Not here in my practice, because I really care about details.

A Sincere Passion for Dentistry

Caring about details is what makes such a big difference in the final result of my treatments and the health of my patients. Great work ethic and willingness to do what needs to be done (and not taking shortcuts) is the kind of treatments results why people is talking about my treatments. It is a unique approach to dentistry and holistic health and that is something I am very excited about!

In His Free Time

east hollywood dentist

When Dr. Corzo is not making beautiful smiles he enjoys playing soccer and golf with his wife and son. They also practice Iyengar yoga together at his favorite Iyengar yoga studios in Los Angeles.

east hollywood dentist

We will consistently provide you with the best quality treatment available using the best materials. You deserve nothing less! The only way to truly appreciate what we mean is to experience it for yourself.